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18th January 2013

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Just a little something to ask all of you since I’ll be doing more of Fandom research from now on:

Do you guys like the “Homestuck Fandom" posts? Are they broad enough to have impacted a majority of the fandom or are some of my past Fandom posts too localized?

I would like more suggestions on adding more Fandom posts, because Homestuck is as much about the readers as it is about the story… and major events in both impact the other side greatly.

The biggest restriction is that events have to have impacted a great chunk of the fandom, either all at once or slowly in waves. These can be sourced to either Tumblr or the MSPA forums (I encourage both!)

I only started making the Fandom posts scarcely after the Dante Basco incident… I would like to do more! Please feel free to send us asks with your thoughts or suggestions, or submit your own fandom event post for us to publish in the future! (I’ll only change it to fit the format of the other OTDIH posts if it needs it)


((obligatory question mark to make this post answerable as well))?

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  1. anahita-susan-lulu-irisu answered: i don’t mind them, though i don’t know a lot of the impacts offhand.
  2. topazpearl answered: i like them :)
  3. 3geek14 answered: I like them.
  4. liveblog-enthusiast answered: Taking a perusal, I can definitely say I enjoy Homestuck Fandom posts, keep doing what you’re doing! (I have no advice otherwise…)
  5. askatomair answered: I believe that posts similar t that one are equally as important as the ones about the comic.
  6. wedidthetimewarpagain answered: it would be really cool to see the fandom events!!!
  7. catpun answered: i like them! and ah the only things i can think of now are the starts of the two huge hiatuses (eoa5 and the one from this summer)
  8. sonntamz answered: I think that’s a great idea
  9. alexinbloggerland answered: I like the idea of Fandom posts in addition to strictly in-comic posts, it’s a really cool idea!
  10. hakureiryuu answered: im very 0k with this 0u0
  11. psychelockings answered: i like the idea! it lets us look back at a day and say “hey remember that one time…yeah that was awesome” :)
  12. cancerously answered: I like them! C: They remind me of fandom reactions to big events that newer readers might not know about.
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